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Have you considered buying Instagram auto comments to boost engagement with your profile? If you use IG to drive customers to your business, you know the importance of having people likes and comment on your posts. When you buy automatic Instagram comments, you ensure that each IG post gets the attention it deserves.

Do Comments on IG Matter?

Yes! When you are using social media marketing to drive traffic to your business, comments give your business credibility in the eyes of others looking at your profile. When people see that you are receiving feedback on your posts, they will be more likely to follow you.

When others see the active engagement on your Instagram posts, they will be encouraged to actively engage your posts as well. Having comments and likes will increase organic engagement with your IG posts.

Because you can buy cheap automatic Instagram comments, this service can become an essential part of your social media marketing budget plan.

The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Automatic Instagram Comments

Increase Your Visibility on Social Media

When your posts have a lot of social signals, your Instagram profile may show up on the Explore page of IG. When more people see your profile, you get more likes and follows from audiences who are genuinely interested in your brand.

Make Your Posts Look More Interesting

When people see a discussion on your content, they are more likely to contribute their own opinion. IG users are more likely to post when they see that others are already engaging with your posts.

Increase Organic Traffic to Your Profile

Attract more organic visitors to your page. These social signals can help you build your reputation in the IG community, resulting in real comments from real users.

Our Services Give You High-Quality Comments from Real Accounts

We will always give you high-quality comments that come from bot accounts.

Reasonable Prices

Our services are affordable, with most subscription packages going for less than advertisement campaigns.

Easy to Cancel

If you are not satisfied with our services, canceling is easy. We’ll never make you jump through hoops.

These are several reasons why our services are top-notch.

Do You Need to Buy Auto Comments?

If you post on IG but do not get social signals from random users, you will want to buy Instagram auto comments. You may need to buy our service if:

  • You have a lot of followers but no engagement. An automatic comments service can make your IG following look genuine by adding active discussions every time you post.
  • You need to increase online visibility. People are more likely to contribute their own opinions to the conversation. It will lead to real Instagram users engaging with your account, making this automatic comments service a key component for your social media promotion.

What is the Difference Between Auto and Regular IG Comments?

Instagram Auto Comments Package: This monthly subscription service will deliver new comments to every upload you make, but it can’t be used for old posts.

Regular Comments Package: This is an individual purchase that you can use for a single post, including older ones. Great if you want to focus on having more engagement on a single post.

Who Should Buy Auto Instagram Comments?

  • A business account looking to have positive feedback on their services through social proof.
  • Instagram influencers who want to show brands that they have a dedicated fan base.
  • Anyone who wishes to smash the Instagram algorithm.
  • A person who wants to fight back against negative feedback.

Advantages of Buying Automatic Instagram Comments

  • Fast delivery. Order is delivered quickly and will appear on your profile within 24 hours.
  • Reliable and secure. You don’t need to provide your password to make an order. Because we use a manual process to supply social signals, your profile cannot be banned for violating the terms of service on IG.
  • High-quality. Social signals on your posts will come from real, active IG users.
  • Increased engagement. They will increase the organic engagement that your page receives. Other users are more inclined to comment when an Instagram post has comments.
  • Easy to purchase. Buying from us is quick, easy, and secure. You can pay using multiple secure payment options, including credit, debit, Google and Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Great support. ViralGrowing is ready with support for any questions you may have about your order. In our humble opinion, this is what sets us apart as the best website to buy Instagram comments.

How Does Buying Auto Comments Work?

When you buy Instagram auto comments, your posts will get social signals that look real. A real human can often tell when replies are created by a bot, so creating random comments that look real is our top priority. Once you purchase Instagram auto comments from our website, we deliver your order within 24 hours. All you need to provide is your username and we will do the rest.

Three Reasons You Should Choose ViralGrowing

When you buy Instagram auto comments, it is important that you purchase them from a source you can trust. Our services will help your IG account grow without compromising your security. Here are the top three reasons you should choose ViralGrowing:

  • Efficiency. ViralGrowing provides your order within 24 hours. Our system is working 24/7 to make sure you receive the great service you deserve.
  • Effectiveness. Our quality services will increase user engagement on your IG posts, and organic comments will naturally follow.
  • Peace of mind. Because you don’t have to provide your password, you can rest assured that your profile is safe. Our services are provided quickly and securely, making us the trusted service provider.
Why You Should Order Automatic Comments with ViralGrowing

Do you ever wish that all your Instagram posts would automatically get hundreds of reactions as soon as you post? Well, the ViralGrowing group is making that possible with the help of our Instagram auto-comment service. It’s already challenging to get the attention of your target audience on social media platforms and the lack of comments under your posts can be even worse for your reach.

So why is it good to have your Instagram comment section full of engaging, conversation-sparking comments?

  • Relevant Comments Only. Positive or neutral replies generated at random that also come with emojis. Each comment is relevant to any topic of the post or discussion.
  • Buy Comments Under Multiple Posts. We make sure that your comments come gradually to under 5 posts every day.
  • Big Social Proof. Once people see these comments, they become an instant conversation starter under your posts and act as strong social proof too.
Our Advantages

Secure Account Details

Our system algorithms don’t require any sensitive information to access your posts. Only your username is enough to work our magic!

Friendly Support, Everytime

If you have any questions about how the automatic service will work, we are here to resolve any queries for you.

Quick Ordering

All it takes is 45 seconds to place an order and watch how the comments pour in from real accounts.

Quality Comments on Instagram

The team manages all our accounts, so you’re getting authentic activity from real users.

30-Day Guarantee

Our packages have a unique 30-day guarantee, so let us know if you need help.

For More Information Please Read the FAQ

Auto Comments Q&A

❤️ Are your services safe to buy?

Yes. Our service will never ask you for your account password, so your Instagram account information is safe.

❤️ Will purchasing activity get me banned from IG?

No. Because our services are provided manually, you will not get banned for using bots to promote your IG page.

❤️ Do I need to give you my account password when I purchase social signals?

No. We only ask that you make your profile public so we can post comments on your photos. If your profile is set to private, we are unable to deliver your order.

❤️ How long will it take for comments to show up on my IG?

When you purchase social signals from ViralGrowing, they will appear on your posts within 24 hours. Our systems are working 24/7 to ensure quick order delivery.

❤️ Can you buy auto comments for a private account?

Private accounts require users to be approved followers before commenting. As such, you cannot buy auto comments for a private account. Please make your profile public, and don’t change your username before ordering from us.

❤️ When will I see my purchased Instagram comments?

Our Instagram auto comment service will give you your replies shortly after you post. This is because we use a system that checks your profile for any updates, usually in a 15-20 minute interval.

❤️ What are your guarantees?

Our refill guarantee will give you more reactions if you notice a drop in paid reactions. Meanwhile, our refund guarantee will give you your money back if you don’t receive your fans’ activity or they’re different than described.

❤️ Will people know I bought comments?

Our paid activities come from real people, and we distribute them gradually to make them look like organic growth. As such, people will not know you bought reactions.

❤️ How do I cancel my subscription?

You only need to contact us if you wish to cancel your subscription. We would happily cancel your services when the next billing cycle begins.

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