Frequently Asked Questions

📋 General Questions

What kind of services do you sell?

We are a provider for digital social media enhancing indicators. Check out the catalog to see our range of services.

Is your service available for purchase only in select countries?

No. We sell services to clients located worldwide. You only need a credit card to order from us. You can be based anywhere on the globe. We’ve had happy clients from countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, India, Nigeria, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.

How soon can I expect the delivery of my orders?

Each delivery is processed according to client requirements. When you place your order, the expected delivery schedule will be displayed in your package’s description.

How fast can I receive the ordered service?

Our services are usually launched within 2-5 minutes of successful payment. This is an automated process. Once your order is launched, it can take up to an hour before your actual service delivery process starts. Check the product description of the service you choose to order for more time-specific details.
Please note: We follow a best practice protocol of gradual delivery of activities so that the increase appears natural on social media. We don’t deliver all at once.

How do I know I’m receiving the best quality services?

We take utmost care to ensure every client is satisfied. Your services will be delivered as per the details in the description provided with your package. Our existing clients have been pleased with the quality, and we’ll do our best to provide you with our best too.

How safe is your system for client transactions?

Our platform uses a completely secure transaction system for all accounts. We know the optimal number of actions we can provide on your account and help you determine realistic purchasing options. This is why we are one of the most trusted sellers of digital indicators around.

Who should order your packages?

Anyone who wishes to increase activity on their social pages can benefit from the provided services. Our current clients for these packages include:

  • Influencers,
  • Public figures,
  • Celebrities,
  • Politicians,
  • NGOs,
  • Personal Accounts.

Is it necessary to tell you my password?

Our company doesn’t need your personal data or password to provide you with the best services. Your private information stays safe.

I need bulk numbers. Why do I not see packages for bigger orders?

We don’t sell bulk numbers of activities. Most social media networks have an identity tracking setup that discovers a sudden increase in counts. Such numbers lead to flagging of said accounts (and even banning, in certain cases). To avoid such a possibility, we only sell packages that can pass through without issues for our clients. If you need more activities, you may re-order the same service using the same parameters as many times you wish.
Please note: We only let a second-order pass successfully on the completion of the ongoing order in case of repeat orders.

Can I purchase for someone else’s account?

Yes. You don’t need to be the owner of the account to order services. The account/publication the order is placed for, however, must be a public one. We cannot deliver to accounts or publications under private settings.

Do you offer discounts? How do you determine these?

We frequently run discounts and promotions on our services. Whenever a package is at a reduced price, you’ll notice the original cost displayed in a crossed-out price format near the currently available cost.
Look out for special rebates during holidays when our discounts are in the range of 10-25% on services! We also have special rates on bulk orders.
To know more about what discounts you can avail of on your purchase, please contact our customer support team.

If I purchase a package from your site, will other users be able to trace my transactions?

No. Your transactions with us are safe. We deliver our packages in a gradual format to ensure any increased activity on your account/publication appears as natural as possible. We take care that other users and followers do not notice that you may have purchased services.

Can I re-order the same service for the same published posts?

Yes, you may place multiple orders on the same publication. You can also re-order the same service but, please, note that this option becomes available only after the delivery for the existing order is completed.
If you order the same service for the same publication/account, our system may not recognize the second order. For this reason, we ask you to wait out until the completion of the first order before ordering again.

I don’t see the package I need in the catalog? Can I customize one for myself?

Yes, we offer you the opportunity to create your package if we provide the services you need. Please contact our Customer Support with the specifics of the package you are looking for. You’ll need to specify details of:

  • The service type desired,
  • Amount of social activity desired.

If the package requested is within our logistics, we’ll estimate the price and time required and get back to you via email. If the package is created, a link for its purchase will also be sent via email.

Do you take premium class service orders?

Yes, we do carry out premium orders with top-quality services. You can request a customized premium order by raising a support ticket and mentioning which order you need the preferred services for. We also partner with affiliates to offer similar premium services, and we will refer your request or place an order with them on your behalf.

Please note: Premium class service orders cost 2-3 times more than the catalog’s listed prices.

They have:

  • A higher visual quality.
  • Higher delivery reliability.

You might wish to avail of such services if you needed a faster and more efficient delivery system for the ordered services.

Do you recommend simultaneous ordering of service from several contractors?

No, we don’t. We find many of our clients tempted to order services from several companies alongside us simultaneously. We cannot guarantee your account will not be suspended or banned for abnormal growth in activities in such a case as different companies work in different ways to deliver their services.
Our systems work to ensure your items are delivered to your chosen account/publication as naturally as possible. We cannot guarantee the organic delivery to not clash with deliveries of other companies.
If our system detects different companies carrying out similar/identical goods, it also drops the product from the 30-day refill warranty.

What if I delete the post for which the service is ordered?

Purchases of services bound to posts are final. If you delete or re-add the post, the services for the order will be stopped. We don’t provide a right to refill or refund for such orders. Hence, we recommend that you don’t remove posts you have placed your orders for.

Can I turn my account private after ordering a service?

We only deliver to public accounts/ publications. Our delivery does not reach private accounts/ publications. If you are ordering a service, we recommend keeping your account public. If you did turn your account private during the service delivery, please contact our customer support after turning it back to the public to resume or restart your order’s delivery.

Why can I not receive ordered services on a closed/private account?

A private account is set to be undiscovered on a public platform. This setting is meant to give the user maximum privacy from other users, and information published from such an account is visible only to people you have given permission to by approving them into your list of friends/followers.
This is why we are unable to deliver our services to private/closed accounts/publications. Please ensure your order is meant for a public account/publication.

Can I ask for one service order to be substituted for another?

If the order you placed has already started to be fulfilled, we cannot stop its delivery and redistribute it to other services.

Can I order services for an old publication?

Yes, you can order services for any old publications. Please ensure they are in a public setting.
The exceptions to this are the packages of auto likes and auto views. These, by default, are set to apply to new publications, which are added after purchasing a subscription.

❤️ Questions about Instagram Offers

Can I customize a request to distribute a package of followers among different accounts?

We don’t provide the option to split followers packages among multiple accounts at the moment. Please place separate orders for each account you want to purchase followers for.

Note: Limitations on 18+ accounts

We cannot deliver activities to accounts that have a setting for an adult audience of 18+. If you wish to purchase services for such an account or publications from such an account, please disable the setting for the duration of the order delivery. You may reset your setting once the delivery is complete.

Can I purchase an order of likes to be distributed among different publications?

Yes, you can distribute a package of likes among different publications. You can choose up to a maximum of 10 posts to distribute the purchase on. For this service, you must purchase a minimum number of 10 likes per photo.

Please note: You cannot distribute small packages if you have not selected a minimum of 10 likes per publication (for example, if you purchase our package of 10 likes, you will be able to select only 1 publication).

What should I be aware of while buying automatic likes on Instagram?

Please note, if you are buying auto-likes from us:

  1. Our system is programmed to add likes only to new photos. It’ll start operating about an hour after the order is placed.
  2. Our system uses the last post as the starting element to count forward from. Auto likes will start to get delivered to the posts that are added after the starting element.
  3. Our system is designed to analyzes the account’s activities every 20-30 minutes. Auto-likes get delivered to every recent publication found.
  4. We cannot deliver auto-likes to old posts.
  5. We send likes to a maximum of 5 posts a day.
  6. The account must remain public for as long as your auto-like subscription is active.

I want to cancel my auto-like subscription. How should I do that?

Our system charges the subscription for auto likes and auto views packages monthly. If you want your subscription canceled, please email our Customer Support with a request. Please be sure to specify from when you wish to stop the services and which accounts you wish to unfollow the service from.

Do you have a distribution estimate of the followers’ packages? What type of followers can I expect in a package, where are they likely to be located?

All our followers’ packages have the following approximate distribution:

  • European and American: 40%
  • Arabs and Asian: 40%
  • Corporate accounts of other companies: 20%

Can I test out your service before making a purchase?

At present, we offer no free trials. If you wish to test us, please see the smallest available packages in each category of our catalog. They are specifically designed at minimum value for new clients to check our quality and service efficiency.

I noticed some followers unfollowing from my account. This is not what I paid for. How do I get compensated?

Unfortunately, because we provide organic followers, we cannot guarantee you 100% follower retention. We do, however, provide a 30-day guarantee for all packages.
If you notice a drop in your followers in the given time frame, please reach out to our customer support. We’ll provide a refill at no cost to you.

Why are my Instagram likes dropping off?

Instagram’s recent updates include a system that can “cut off” and hide some likes. If you are noticing a reduction in your orders’ like count, please write into our customer support. We recommend using our refill service to let our team reimburse lost likes to your posts.

I see an increase in my followers, but I don’t see them interacting with my profile?

This depends on which package you have ordered. The regular ordered followers will add inactive followers to your count. They are not meant to like, comment, or view your videos or publications.
If you have chosen to order the service “Active Followers”, you will see the followers adding engagement to your profile.

🚚 Our delivery

How soon can I expect the delivery of the service ordered?

The delivery time for each service varies from package to package. You will find the estimated delivery time for each package mentioned in its description. If you haven’t received the service as mentioned in the stipulated time frame, please contact us. Our customer support team will look into the matter.

There may be delays in service delivery due to:

  • Ongoing technical changes within individual social networks.
  • A large queue of orders which may be slowing down the processing time.

In the highly unlikely event of the delivery time frame getting over before the order is completed, please notify our Customer Support.

Can you expedite the delivery of orders?

At the moment, we only deliver as mentioned in the product description of the packages.
Sometimes services may get delivered faster than indicated in the package description. This happens due to low server loads and is purely coincidental.

💲 Our Payments

How do I place an order with you?

  • To order a service from us, follow the following steps:

    1. Select your package, click the “Buy Now” or “Buy” button.
    2. Provide the URL link to the account or publication for which you want the order serviced.
    3. Provide your email.
    4. Provide your card information and confirm the payment using the 3DS code (only when paying with Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro).
    5. Check your email to receive a payment confirmation with your order details.

What payment options do you accept?

We currently accept the following forms of payment:

  • Visa, Mastercard & Maestro.
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Can I use PayPal to make my payments?

We have stopped supporting PayPal payment options since 2020. We now only accept payments via Visa & Mastercard, Maestro, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Why am I not able to pay for the services?

If you are having trouble making a payment for your purchase, check to see if any of the following could be the reason:

  • Anti Fraud blocking;
  • Errors related to 3DS;
  • Insufficient funds;
  • Invalid card data;
  • Internet payment limits;
  • International payments blockages;
  • Limit the number of payments per day.

What is the preferred currency of payment?

Our payments are accepted through different banks in America and Europe. Your payment is processed in the currency of the country the bank is situated in. Depending on which route your payment had been processed, you will receive transaction updates in currency, such as hryvnia ₴, euro €, rubles ₽, or pounds £. Rest assured that the actual amount debited in dollars corresponds to the amount indicated on our website.

Do you accept payment with credit or debit cards?

We can accept payments made with both credit and debit cards. You can choose to pay with whichever is most convenient for you.

I see a difference in the amounts on the site and the actual payment on the statement issued to me?

We charge what we show. If you have an additional cost in your statement, your bank has likely charged you an additional commission for conducting international/local transactions. This is usually indicated to you by the bank when you open an account, get a card, and don’t involve us. Please refer to your bank in case you find a discrepancy in this matter.

Can I get a payment invoice?

Please write to the Customer Support department with a request to check the possibility of getting an invoice for the service purchased. Please provide details of the purchase made in the email. Our invoices are usually auto-generated by the payment system, a link to which is sent to the client’s exact email.
You should be receiving a link to view and pay for your ordered service in your email. Please note: This option doesn’t apply to purchases of auto likes and auto views. You can obtain invoices for all other services purchased from us.

Unpaid order reminders

We will send you an automated reminder to complete the payment process for unfinished purchases. You may complete filling the order or ignore the notification if the product is no longer needed.

✔️ Guarantee

What is the difference between a Refill and a Refund?

A refill is a reimbursement provided for an order that was unfulfilled for unforeseen reasons. For instance, if you ordered a service for 1000 followers and although the number is delivered, say 100 of them disappear in the week – we will compensate and add back the missing number of followers. To avail of this, contact our client support team via email should you notice your order facing such issues. Please note, we don’t have an automatic refill option.
On the other hand, a refund is when we return your money to you in the event of order cancellation. In case of the following unlikely events, we offer a full refund:

  • The delivery of items did not start 10 days after ordering the service.
  • The delivered item doesn’t match the description.

How long does a Refill or a Refund take to process?

Usually, a refill or a refund is guaranteed within 30 days of the raising of the request.

We issue a Refund when:

  • The customer didn’t receive the item as ordered.
  • The order didn’t start processing within 10 business days of order placement.

We issue a Refill:

  • After the complete delivery of the items, some of the ordered activity disappears. The client has 30 days to request a “Refill” of the order in such a case.
  • If possible, please provide relevant evidence supporting the claim. For example, you can attach screenshots to your email.
  • Refills approved usually begin within 24-48 hours of request acceptance. Please contact Customer Support if you do not notice the refill start in two days.

How quickly can I expect refunds on my card to be carried out?

Once a refund process is started, it can take up to 14 business days to return to the card. This period depends on the bank you have used for making the payment. Please contact us in case you have not received your refund after 14 days of Refund confirmation. We’ll check with your bank to see why your money hasn’t been returned to you yet.

✅ Free Trial Questions

Do you offer free trial followers?

We don’t currently offer free follower trials. If you wish to test out our services, we recommend that you order the cheapest option to check the quality of services.

Why are you not offering free trial services?

We occasionally run demos, but they are not a regular offer on our site. The number of people wanting free trials is extremely high, and we don’t have the logistics to provide everyone a free trial. Hence, we request that if you wish to test our services, order a small quantity package to try us out.

📞 Customer Support Department

Please have the following information at hand while reaching out to us:

Our Customer Support is available for your assistance anytime you need us. For us to provide you with the best services, please indicate the following in your request email:

  1. The page for which the order was placed.
  2. The email address with which the package was purchased.
  3. Information on the publication for which the service was ordered.

Our working hours:

You can reach out to our customer service department by email at any time. We are open every day from 9 am to 6 pm UK time.

Our contact Information:

Our Support Team is always happy to help. You can reach the support team by using the support email.

Our estimated time for customer inquiry responses:

If you raise a support request with us, expect to hear back from us within 6 business hours. If you have raised a request after 6 pm, your request will be processed on the next business day.
You’ll receive an automated response with a request number as soon as you raise a request. Please hold on to this number for use in further correspondence.

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