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100 Story Link Clicks

  • Delivery time – 1-12 hours
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1000 Story Link Clicks

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2500 Story Link Clicks

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5000 Story Link Clicks

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10000 Story Link Clicks

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Does Buying Instagram Story Link Clicks Matter?

Instagram has a story link clicks feature now, and it is only available for people with over ten thousand followers. This tool stands out as it permits adding a link to your Instagram in one click and lets followers access your Stories by simply clicking on the link.

It is only one of the many reasons you should try such a service package, which can help grow your brand’s popularity on the platform and attract new accounts (potential customers), increasing your organic traffic.

The possibility also allows influencers and brands to increase their reach by promoting particular content, products, and even signup pages people can find from their IG Story link. This option is much better compared to finding links on the bio screen. In addition, it also enables users to make changes to the link.

All You Need to Know to Buy Instagram Story Link Clicks

To use this service, you should be able to add links to your Stories (it means you have 10k followers or “Blue Badge,” so-called Verified Account) and set your account to public.

1. Add a link to the IG Story you want us to send link clicks to.

2. Go to ViralGrowing and select a package of Instagram Story link clicks that fits your needs. When ordering, be sure to consider the delivery time to get your social signals before the Story ends.

3. Provide the link to your Instagram Story so that we can add purchased social signals.

4. Complete your order by payment using one of the methods available on our website. We currently accept the following forms of payment: Visa card, Mastercard & Maestro, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

5. You will find the order confirmation in your email box, which you provide when placing your order.

6. Wait for your order to arrive.

Why Do You Need to Buy Instagram Story Link Clicks?

Instagram Story link clicks can provide businesses, influencers, and everyone in between  loads and loads of benefits, so they should order it sooner rather than later.

Here is a list of reasons why link clicks are a must-have for any user looking to increase their Stories reach with real accounts in a click:

  • They can massively boost engagement in your profile;
  • Buying this feature may increase the number of followers on your company’s IG page;
  • They can promote products, services, landing pages, and a lot more;
  • You can also buy IG story link clicks to promote videos and podcasts.

How Can You Boost Your Business Page?

It must be abundantly clear by now that IG Story link clicks are the real deal for any user. Buying clicks from the best website could boost your business page, and here is how:

  • It could help boost your business page by allowing you to advertise virtual events through the Instagram Stories feature;
  • It can add authenticity to your Instagram account, making it look more legitimate;
  • You can also use this feature to make your profile more interactive, allowing IG users to participate in discussions about your products or services through your Instagram Story link.
  • Amplify your metrics and insights. Beyond Insights, Instagram tracks account activity to promote your content to a broader reach. As such, purchasing Instagram story link clicks is a smart investment to get you more engagement. This can also help your business build a better and stronger Instagram presence.

Who Needs to Buy Story Link Clicks to Boost Their Online Presence?

  • We provide our high-quality service to anyone who wants to make the most out of their social media marketing efforts through one click.
  • Consider choosing us if you want quick and streamlined solutions for your social media campaigns and reach out to real Instagram users.
  • Our services are also ideal for those looking for new ways to improve their business accounts through IG Story link clicks, avoiding the necessity to copy links.
Why You Should Order Story Link Clicks with ViralGrowing

ViralGrowing is a seasoned team of digital marketing experts. We empower creators and brands to optimize their Instagram performance and drive impactful, organic engagement.

We Use Real Instagram Accounts

We deliver taps through genuine accounts to give your account genuine engagement. You will notice the real difference as your online presence gains credibility and impact.

Reliable Delivery

Of course, we understand the fleeting nature of Instagram stories and how they disappear in 24 hours. However, our reliable delivery system ensures your purchased story sticker link clicks arrive just in time.

Proven Success Since 2018

With over 5 years of hands-on Instagram marketing experience, our knowledgeable support team treats each client like family. We are always just a call or click away should any questions arise before, during, or after your purchase.

Let’s discuss how our tailored Instagram click packages can jumpstart sustainable growth.

Exclusive Advantages of ViralGrowing

Unparalleled Data Privacy

Your personal information stays protected. Our specialized systems solely utilize usernames and complex algorithms for streamlined orders.

Excellent Customer Care

Friendly experts provide individualized assistance for seamless ordering and quick resolution of any inquiries.

Lightning-Fast Checkout

Complete secure checkout in under 60 seconds. Our intuitive platform makes elevating your brand simple.

Vigilant Quality Inspections

We meticulously inspect each Instagram account to uphold stringent quality standards for successful account growth.

Total Satisfaction Promise

We stand behind our high-quality Instagram services with a 30-day guarantee for complete peace of mind.

For More Information Please Read the FAQ

✨ Is it safe to buy IG account promotion service from you?

Clicks package is completely safe and will not cause problems for your company’s IG account.

✨ Can I get banned for purchasing this service?

Buying this high-quality service package is risk-free, and you can rest easy knowing that your account will not get banned for using IG Story link clicks.

✨ Do you need my IG password to start order delivery?

You do not need to provide your profile password to purchase the story link clicks service as we prioritize our client’s privacy.

✨ How long does it take to deliver the service?

We deliver your order within 12-24 hours after receiving your online payment.

✨ What else should I keep in mind when purchasing the package?

Before placing an order, please, ensure your settings are correct – your page must be public so that we can send social signals to boost your online presence.

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