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ViralGrowing was founded in 2018, following the idea to help people promote their IG page and make daily online experience brighter. The Instagram platform was established in 2010, and Facebook purchased it in 2012 for $1 billion. Today, it’s one of the most globally used social media. Even though Instagram has grown by leaps and bounds, its core purpose remains the same. It exists to connect people. For individuals, this means sharing selfies and vacation pictures; for businesses and public figures — promoting their brand and making their online presence stronger.

That’s where ViralGrowing comes in. For a fair fee, we provide different social signals, including likesviews, and followers. This boosts our clients’ overall visibility, exposing them to potential investors and new customers. Essentially, we give you a paid starting base to gain real-world followers.

Having a vast active audience also improves your credibility. Imagine your brand only has 100 followers. You run an ad campaign, and other users see you have just a few customers, and, it’s obvious, they won’t take you seriously. However, if your brand has 1,000 followers, those same people will be more likely to take a second look, wishing to follow you or become your clients. This is one example of how ViralGrowing can help you grow.


from $5.99


Profile Visits/Views

from $1.19


Story Views

from $0.99


Custom Instagram Comments

from $4.12


Instagram Saves

from $0.49


Live Views

from $3.79


Live Video Likes

from $0.29


Our Working Space

Top Management Team



Ihor is a social media leader who founded our company. ViralGrowing is the most logical place to apply the skills he’d already learned. Brave and full of ideas, he gave our world one of the most fantastic services that can change people’s lives for the better. His brilliant mind definitely brought our team to a new level.



Jhon grew up in Palo Alto and worked as a freelancer before obtaining a senior position at a startup that became wildly successful. He now works as ViralGrowing’s marketing guru, keeping pace with all the latest social media trends.



Olivia is a former intern at one of the major social media companies. She now shares that expertise with ViralGrowing, bridging the gap between pie-in-the-sky marketing ideas and real-world social media realities.



Sameer has been developing ViralGrowing software since its first major overhaul in 2012. In his spare time, he plays the trombone in a Mariachi band.



Tom is our copywriter. He maintains the website and all the official company pages. He's also working on a science fiction novel, which is sure to be a bestseller whenever he finally finishes it.



Vicky is a customer service expert who worked as an advisor for several Silicon Valley companies. She initially signed a short-term contract and became so valuable that she now works for ViralGrowing full time.

Become a Part of ViralGrowing

We have 3 opened positions right now

Feel power

Build your dreamed business or product. You have two options: try yourself as a creator or become a part of our cool projects

Stay calm and work

Choose your perfect working space – whether it’s your flat or a comfortable office in Washington or Limassol.

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Keeping our workers healthy and wealthy is company’s priority. Happy people push this world forward!

ViralGrowing’s Core Values

Our philosophy revolves around five principles that assist in providing the best results at an affordable price:

First-class service

24/7 technical support is guaranteed, so you never be alone in an emergency

Support and understanding

We’ve built a tight-knit team that works together through thick and thin

Ongoing development

We ensure that we’ll offer the best service not just today but in the future

Honesty and openness

Being honest with each other and our customers, we lay the groundwork for shared success

Timely order processing

Our system automatically launches an order after your payments

Why Choose ViralGrowing?


Add followers to your Instagram account so that it looks more credible and relevant. This, in turn, will make your page visible to a broader audience — your potential customers!


Purchasing social signals is one of the fastest ways to improve your online presence. Instead of creating and posting content for years, you can show up in people’s recommendations within just a few days.


Google considers social signals when deciding how relevant a site is. If your business has many IG followers, likes etc, that’s not just a big deal on Instagram. It also means you’ll be more likely to appear in ordinary Google searches.


In most cases, investing in Instagram followers or likes for your brand is considered a business expense. This means you can write off the costs for next year’s taxes. Make sure to save your receipt!


The more users see your page, the more of them will become your followers. Soon, you won’t have to buy fans. They’ll start rolling organically. With the right social media strategy, it can lead to exponential audience growth.


Our service is 100% safe, as we use an SSL certificate that prevents man-in-the-middle attacks and other types of hacks. Your business and payment information are totally protected.


Our 24/7 customer support team stands ready to help you out with all your issues. If you face any trouble, give us a call, and we’ll do everything to help you out.

ViralGrowing Brief History

November, 2018

We begin our journey as a small
startup and gain very first customers.

January, 2019

We hire new staff, widening
the number of members.

June, 2019

We develop a secure system,
which continues to be updated.

December, 2019

ViralGrowing is redesigned
with a mobile-first approach.

February, 2020

We begin our journey as a small
startup and gain very first customers.

March, 2020

We launch 24/7 support.

May, 2020

Our marketing blog is founded, allowing
us to share insights with the whole world.

September, 2020

Free bonus features are added
along with our primary offerings.

April, 2021

New services are attached,
reflecting the changing nature of
Instagram in today’s market.

August, 2021

We provide more methods
of mobile payment.

May, 2021

Further content improvements aim to keep pace with the next decade of Instagram’s development.

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