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ViralGrowing is an online social media marketing service that delivers authentic paid signals to grow your Instagram presence successfully. Buying automatic likes here will make your account gain social credibility. Try monthly auto likes today and see the benefits!
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Price (High > Low)
Best Selling

80 Autolikes per Post

  • High Quality Accounts
  • Auto Detection of New Posts
  • Max 5 Posts a Day
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Natural Delivery
  • No Pass Required

$19.99 per Month $29.99


150 Autolikes per Post

  • High Quality Accounts
  • Auto Detection of New Posts
  • Max 5 Posts a Day
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Natural Delivery
  • No Pass Required

$29.99 per Month $39.99

Most Popular

300 Autolikes per Post

  • High Quality Accounts
  • Auto Detection of New Posts
  • Max 5 Posts a Day
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Natural Delivery
  • No Pass Required

$39.99 per Month $49.99


600 Autolikes per Post

  • High Quality Accounts
  • Auto Detection of New Posts
  • Max 5 Posts a Day
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Natural Delivery
  • No Pass Required

$69.99 per Month $89.99


1500 Autolikes per Post

  • High Quality Accounts
  • Max 5 Posts a Day
  • Auto Detection of New Posts
  • Natural Delivery
  • No Pass Required

$149.99 per Month $169.99


2000 Autolikes per Post

  • High Quality Accounts
  • Max 5 Posts a Day
  • Auto Detection of New Posts
  • Natural Delivery
  • No Pass Required

$199.99 per Month $229.99


3000 Autolikes per Post

  • High Quality Accounts
  • Max 5 Posts a Day
  • Auto Detection of New Posts
  • Natural Delivery
  • No Pass Required

$299.99 per Month $339.99

30 Days Money Back Guarantee Notron Secured

How To Buy Automatic Likes?

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One of the many ways to promote your brand or business profile on this social media is via automated Instagram likes. This service lets you show others that your audience is engaged without wasting excessive time building that real engagement organically. The more you learn about the service, the more tempted you will be to buy Instagram auto likes. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our automatic Instagram likes, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

Why Should You Buy Automatic Instagram Likes?

There are many reasons to buy instant Instagram automatic likes, especially for those who care about the number of hearts on every post.

  1. Use your increased engagement to show others that your brand deserves real users’ attention. This can easily translate into organic growth as members of your target audience visit your content. Every time you upload a picture or create relevant posts, they are sure to engage with your content.
  2. The ability to show that your company or brand is famous on social media is excellent for marketing and finding others to work with. Sponsors, partnerships, collaborators, and even investors will be more likely to work with you if show that your audience is engaged, active, and plentiful to each new post.

What Is the Difference Between Regular and Automatic Likes? How Do They Work?

We offer multiple services to buy Instagram hearts and boost your engagement on the platform, including automatic and regular likes. While these have similar results, they are slightly different. Buying auto likes is a one-time package you can apply to a post(s). You choose the set of publications that will receive likes from real users.

By contrast, the automatic version lets you buy auto likes on Instagram not at once but as a monthly package, without any additional effort. It is essentially a subscription that gives you reliable engagement every single month. This way, purchasing every time you upload a picture is unnecessary. Automatic Instagram hearts arrive during the first minutes a new post appears. The subscription automatically provides new hearts every month. We only send likes to a maximum of five posts daily to avoid drawing attention to your Instagram profile for suspicious activity. At the same time, we ensure you have enough engagement to grow your account’s popularity and reach. It saves a lot of time as the alternative would be to remember to purchase individual packages daily. Plus, you can cancel the service anytime you wish.

How to Get Your Subscription in 3 Steps

You will find it incredibly easy to buy IG hearts monthly. You only need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Start by selecting your package, specifically considering how many likes you want to receive in your monthly subscription.
  2. Choose the page on which you want to get real automatic Instagram likes, so our algorithm knows where to deliver the activity you purchase. Pick the payment method that is most convenient for you, and make sure your account is set to public.
  3. Check your email for your order confirmation, and keep an eye out for your first hearts to pour in on your posts as soon as you upload them.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Automatic Instagram Likes?

No matter the type of brand you have, whether you are a small business, a multinational corporation, or an influencer, you will notice a long list of benefits when you buy auto Instagram likes:

Bring in New Followers Organically

People will see your famous brand and want to check it out, leading to new fans, real likes, and organic activity.

High Impression Counts

You can use high impression counts as a negotiation tool when making arrangements with sponsors, partners, or collaborators.

High Engagement on All New Posts

You can get high engagement on all new posts. This is a great way to get the attention of potential investors.

Saving Time on Routine Tasks Can Improve Your Productivity

You do not need to waste time ordering hearts for your posts every day or every month. It is all automated and prepaid. Buy automatic Instagram likes and forget about ordering the service every time you post a new photo. Our system will send them on up to 5 publications per day.

This type of service package is perfect for those who regularly post on social media.

Let You Focus on Other Marketing Methods

Since we focus on getting likes on your posts, you can use the time to focus on other elements that can boost your business’ presence.

Increase Your Traffic

Higher engagement increases both your traffic and chances of being featured, helping you market your brand.

Since our algorithm checks every 20 minutes, you receive automatic Instagram likes on every newly published post. It leads Instagram to believe your publication may go viral, increasing your chances of being placed on the Discover page.

Boost Social Media Presence

By purchasing automatic Instagram likes, you can enjoy a boosted online presence, as well as you can always cancel the service anytime.

Why Should You Choose ViralGrowing?

  1. We keep your account secure and never ask for passwords. We just need a username to enable the automatic Instagram likes service.
  2. Our support is friendly and features real humans. You will find our team to be knowledgeable and ready to provide you with all details about our service or assist with any issues.
  3. Get automatic Instagram likes for photos, videos, and Stories.
  4. You can complete the order for quality automatic likes in 45 seconds.
  5. We have a service guarantee to deliver peace of mind. It comes in the form of a 30-day warranty.
  6. We only offer quality Instagram users with manually managed profiles. This way, you get the interaction of real users.
  7. You can choose the automatic Instagram likes’ package you prefer, with options for all needs, from just 80 up to 3000 likes.
  8. Our packages do not require any passes.
  9. We will spread the automatic liking on Instagram across up to five posts per day.
  10. The packages include a varying amount, perfect for all budgets.
  11. Our system can automatically like pictures on up to 5 posts daily or 150 per month.
  12. We support convenient payment methods, including Visa and MasterCard.
  13. You can cancel anytime, with the option to do so immediately or finish the current billing module.
  14. We have plenty of satisfied customers who praise our process and marketing skills.
  15. Our website is Norton Secured, powered by Symantec.

The most popular likes offers50200.

Buy automatic Instagram likes today – enjoy your success tomorrow!

Why Buy Instagram Likes Monthly Through ViralGrowing?

Having a steady stream of hearts is a must to stay at the top of the Instagram algorithm. However, buying a package for each post you make can get annoying and costly. That’s why we offer automatic monthly likes for all new uploads you make.

Since 2018, we have worked with clients like you to turn their profiles from small to thriving. Here’s how we do it.

  • Buying autolikes is easy. All you need to do is subscribe to our service and give us your username. Once you do so, you will receive likes within 20 minutes of every upload you make.
  • Low-Drop. Our autolikes have a retention rate of at least 80%, far better than our competition. We also have a refill guarantee if you do notice a drop.
  • Flexibility. It’s so easy to choose a subscription plan with us. This is also simple if you want to change or cancel your plan. No having to jump through hoops to cancel!
  • High Customer Satisfaction. Almost all of our customers are satisfied with our services. This is due to our high-quality, real automatic likes, our simple payment process, and our superb customer service.

So, if you’re ready to boost your social media marketing campaign, we’re here to help. Choose a plan today and see what it can do for you!

Our Advantages

Security is Our Priority

Security is Our Priority

We will never ask for your password or other login credentials. We also work hard to distribute your likes as naturally as possible so Instagram does not delete your posts.

Valuable Human Support

Valuable Human Support

Our customer support team will quickly answer and help you with any issues. These include ordering questions or honoring guarantees.

Fast Ordering

Fast Ordering

In just a few clicks, your order is complete. For most, it takes under a minute.

Real Auto Likes

Real Auto Likes

We use real accounts to bring you the best engagement rates and to avoid your account being removed by Instagram.

Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee

Our 30-day refill and refund guarantees ensure you will get your money back if your order is wrong and give you more likes if you notice a drop. Just contact us, and we’ll honor your guarantee ASAP.

For More Information Please Read the FAQ

AutoLikes Q&A

❤️ When will I receive my order?

You will likely first notice the order within an hour or so after you buy the service. We strive to deliver strictly instant service for your convenience.

❤️ Can I spread the likes out instead of receiving them all at once?

When you buy Instagram auto likes for sale from us, we automatically spread out them. They can apply to a maximum number of posts per day and month.

❤️ Is there any limit on the number of Instagram posts published per day?

We provide likes on a maximum of 5 posts in a day. This is mentioned clearly in all our packages. Our auto-like system has a higher limit of 20 publications daily depending on which package you opt for. It is crucial to keep in mind if you choose to purchase multiple packages.

❤️ Will the service hurt my account?

No, our service does not hurt your account; it will only boost it. To ensure this, we use real user accounts that our network has registered. Instagram has no way of knowing that you bought the service.

To take it further, we make your activity seem natural so no one will notice you bought our service. We send uneven amounts of likes, such as 51 to one post and 49 to another, if you have a package of 50.

❤️ Do you need my password?

No, we will never ask for passwords. Your privacy is important to us, so we only need to know your username.

❤️ Can my account stay private?

No, your account cannot be private. Remember that engagement will come from unsubscribed users. As such, they need to be able to view your account to engage with it.

Because of the importance of public accounts, our system will check to confirm that your account is public before you place the order. If it is private, the order will not go through. Later on, if you put your account on private, the service stops automatically.

If you have a private account, you could theoretically turn it to the public whenever you make a post before putting it back to private. However, we do not suggest this as it may interfere with the proper running of our algorithms.

❤️ Do you offer automatic followers?

No, this is not a service we offer yet. Our follower packages are not automatic, but they come with our 30-day guarantee. You can choose packages with 100 to 10,000 followers, all of which feature quality profiles.

❤️ Will my account get banned or disabled?

Your account will not be banned or disabled since we carefully follow all Instagram rules.

❤️ Will older publications get likes?

Only new publications will receive likes. If, however, you need more engagement to promote older posts, we have other packages available. Check out our online store to buy likes for individual posts, including older ones.

❤️ When will the service be activated?

In most cases, you will start receiving the order within an hour of when you buy real automatic Instagram likes. Our system automatically checks your page every 20 minutes. It can detect new publications and then send the pre ordered service gradually. While many competitors require a full day to start their service, we pride ourselves on the speed of delivery and instant activation.

❤️ How do I cancel my subscription?

Because your needs may change over time, we can cancel the subscription for Instagram automatic timed likes. Just send us an email at [email protected]. The email should include your request to cancel as well as the receipt of the payment you received in email after you made the initial order. You can cancel the services immediately or let them run until the billing cycle ends.

Be sure to send the cancellation email three business days before the next billing date to avoid future charges. Remember that we can not cancel the subscription officially until you get a written confirmation email from our team.

❤️ If I buy monthly Instagram likes and am not satisfied, will you give me a refund?

We have a refund guarantee, but you will only receive a refund from purchasing likes for two reasons:

  • You don’t receive your real Instagram likes.
  • The service is not as described.

If you notice a drop, we offer a refill guarantee to send more real people to like your post.

❤️ What are your payment options when buying likes?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Google/Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other crypto.

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