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5 Instagram Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours
  • High Quality
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • No Password Required

$2.19  $2.99


10 Instagram Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours
  • High Quality
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  • No Password Required

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25 Instagram Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours
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50 Instagram Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours
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100 Instagram Comments

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250 Instagram Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-2 Days
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$33.78  $42.29


500 Instagram Comments

  • Delivery Time: 2-3 Days
  • High Quality
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • No Password Required

$57.98  $72.48

30 Days Money Back Guarantee Notron Secured

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What are Random Comments?

We have carefully researched, designed, and selected various comments that are proven to boost and stimulate organic engagement. You will see different user profiles commenting on your Instagram photos. These are real accounts, commenting on generic statements that work with most photos!

Have you always wanted your Instagram page to look like that of an influencer? Now you can. Most influencers buy random Instagram comments to make their page look more active. When other users see that you are gaining more traffic and a good reputation, they will want to follow you!

Random replies are the most difficult to build among all the possible responses on Instagram. When you buy quality comments, your account gets more notice from other users who want to read what fellow users have to say. You will gain more organic comments, as users like to interact with each other.

You will increase your brand credibility with our quality services when you buy Instagram comments. This is the first step to seeing rapid organic growth and high engagement on your page. You will greatly appreciate what you bought from us for your Instagram account.

Why Buy Instagram Comments?

Random comments can turn the course of your page within days. With more interactions on your posts, your content and page will appear on more people’s feeds. Once potential followers see your posts have a lot of responses, the chances for them to engage will be much higher. Don’t forget that the Instagram algorithm notices every improvement on your page, and with more comments, it’ll push you forward.

It is an Active Form of Instagram Engagement

Although likes and followers are important, random comments on Instagram are more unique. It shows that your followers are active and interested in your posts. Influencers and marketers typically use the comment section as a way to engage with their followers.
Users have two main forms of interaction and engagement: liking and commenting. Favorites help your posts gain popularity. But, if you can get replies, you will get more likes. We offer high-quality, instant service that builds interest in your brand. Influencers buy random comments on Instagram because they know how valuable they are. Comments provide feedback and help users grow their social media marketing plans.
It makes your posts look like people like you. Instagram users like to see popular posts and remember the names of accounts that influence their behaviors. If you have a lot of content with professional photos and videos, your account will grow with organic replies and views that respond to the comments you buy.

Keep the Momentum Going

When you buy real Instagram comments, your posts will look popular. This will make real users want to engage with your profile as compared to a photo with only one or two reactions. When you have high-quality replies and other engagements, other users will automatically trust your brand, leading to more real followers and likes on your photos. Your social media marketing profile will be more active than ever!

Save Time and Energy

Do you have hours to build your social media platform’s profile? Most people don’t! Usually, people can only build their business profile with hours of hard work, commenting on other user profiles, and liking countless pictures – with no proof of return.
You can buy Instagram comments fast instead of wasting your time and energy! Use this momentum to build your profile as a marketing tool. You will develop your engagement levels fast and create a feeling of community on your page!

Differences Between Types of Comments

Your IG account benefits from real engagement, from real users. Some sites sell bot responses, and those do not look real. Users will be able to see the difference between real comments we’ve created and those derived from bots.

When you want to see growth in your business, you need ways to engage new Instagram followers. With our service, you will gain high-quality comments from genuine users. We guarantee that you get the number that you want at a price you can afford.

Advantages of Buying Instagram Comments

  1. Fast Delivery: when you buy Instagram comments, they will be delivered fast and posted immediately. The orders are delivered naturally.
  2. Reliable and Secure: This is a completely safe method with the great service of gaining engagement. We will never ask for your password.
  3. High Quality: your pictures will get random comments from real, active subscribers.
  4. Increase Account Engagement Rate: new users will trust your brand and become followers naturally.
  5. Easy to Purchase: buy Instagram comments fast and efficiently using credit, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cryptocurrencies.
  6. Helpful Support: our support team is ready to answer any questions regarding orders and delivery.

Safe and Quick Delivery

When you buy IG comments, you can rest assured that the process is safe and reliable. Our experienced marketing specialists have created a safe way to buy with a quick delivery method. We don’t even need your password! Our quick delivery methods are 100% risk-free guaranteed.

We use our experience so that they will feel real when you buy Instagram comments cheaply. You will have your order delivered in a matter of minutes using the safest of methods.

Information on How to Place an Order

Gaining traction with your IG account can be difficult! Even big companies know how difficult it can be. To have the process run more smoothly, you can buy Instagram comments fast by following the steps below:

  1. Select the package you wish to purchase.
  2. Input your account, as well as your email address.
  3. You will now see all of your IG posts. Select up to 10 posts.
  4. Click on “Pay” to go to the payment screen.
  5. Finish the safe payment method and wait for the order delivery! 

The order you placed will be sent to you quickly. Please get in touch with our customer support.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Instagram Posts with Comments

Purchasing comments for your posts is one of the best investments you can make. Let’s explore some of the most obvious benefits.

Smart and Affordable Investment

Are you planning to invest and give your business the boost it needs? Starts by getting Instagram comments. First, it’s affordable. You’ll spend a few dollars and get more than you could’ve ever imagined. It’s ideal for any budget, no matter its size.

Grow a Relationship with People Interested in Your Business

When people who reach your posts see there are a lot of comments around, they’ll feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts. They might ask questions or simply engage with you because they see social proof that others value you. This is an ideal chance to grow relationships with those interested in what you do or sell.

An Essential Part of Instagram Marketing to Increase Popularity

Many people still need the importance of comments. They represent an essential part of Instagram marketing and are equally important as likes or followers. With one package from ViralGrowing, you’ll increase organic reach. You’ll notice that your profile becomes more popular and will realize how important comments really are.

Organic Comments Growth Tactics

You have to be active if you are looking for organic ways to get more responses to your photos and videos. These ideas take time and are not guaranteed to work.

  • Post when users are active
  • Run contests to attract viewers and more comments
  • Include faces of people and animals in your posts
  • Ask other users to leave replies
  • Use popular hashtags.

These methods will eventually get your account more views and interactions, but you must work hard to post daily and develop with words that attract viewers. Buying Instagram comments is much easier and is very affordable.

Why Buy Comments from ViralGrowing?

For any of the various social media platforms, comments help to fuel engagement. We at ViralGrowing use authentic accounts to deliver sincere comments, helping you improve your reputation, get more followers, and achieve Instagram success.

Since 2018, we’ve helped many people achieve viral fame and are ready to serve your business. Here’s what we offer.

Quality Engagement. Engagement is critical to Instagram growth. Regardless of your account’s intentions, you need engagement to succeed. We can provide algorithm-smashing engagement to get people talking.

We Serve Big or Small Clients. No matter how small your social media accounts are, we can help you. Our packages are built for many budgets and situations.

Results-Driven. We use high-quality, affordable comments to give you the social media results you need. If you’re ready to thrive on Instagram, join our many satisfied clients as you do business with us. Purchase one of our packages today, or message us with any questions.

Our Advantages

Account Security

We use high-quality accounts and distribute them gradually. This way, Instagram does not flag your account. We’ll also never ask for your password or any other unnecessary data. Your account is safe with us at every step of the ordering process.

Friendly Support

Friendly Support

Contact our customer support today with any questions or issues about your order. They would be happy to help you.

Fast & Simple Ordering

Fast & Simple Ordering

It takes only 45 seconds for you to complete an order.

High-Quality Users

These followers are real Instagram users who will come from real active accounts. Other services may give you low-quality accounts that may hurt your reputation. We’ll never do this.

Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee

Our refill and refund guarantees will help you with any problems with your order. Simply contact our support team if you need a refund or more followers. The guarantees are good for 30 days. Rules and restrictions will apply.

For More Information Please Read the FAQ

Random Comments Q&A

❤️ Can I get banned for buying comments on Instagram?

No! Buying comments on Instagram does not violate any of the terms you agreed to when you signed up. You will not be banned for buying Instagram comments. We protect your account by not using your username and password. We only post positive feedback, so Instagram does not notice that we are involved.

❤️ Can I spread the responses among multiple posts on Instagram?

Of course! After purchasing a package from our site, enter your Instagram username, and you will be offered the option to send social signals to your last posts.

Please note: For each order of random comments, you may only spread those reactions within a single account.

❤️ What information do you need from me to start the process?

To begin your Instagram comments promotional campaign, all we need is your Instagram username. Our risk-free process means that we will never ask for your password. Once we receive your payment, we will begin posting your random replies. Do not share your password or other sensitive information with us.

❤️ Can I enter my own comments list?

Yes, you can. At the moment, we offer custom Instagram comments; you can select the quantity you are interested in and enter your custom comments in a particular field during checkout.

❤️ What do the accounts that will be commenting on my posts look like?

Each person that leaves a reaction to your Instagram post will be different. They will all have a profile photo and a decent amount of followers and posts. The one thing they will all have in common is that they will all be following a lot of users.

❤️ Are these random comments real?

Yes. The Instagram random comments sent to your photos are from real people. They will be delivered from genuine accounts all over the world.

❤️ What if I lose my interactions?

When you buy Instagram comments from Viralgrowing, we provide a guarantee for our services. If our responses disappear from your account, we will replace them with new ones. If this happens to you, simply contact our support team.

❤️ Should I tell people that I’m using your social media services?

No. We suggest that you keep our business relationship a secret. You could lose your social media platform’s reputation if you tell people that your account activity is not organic. We will keep your information confidential and your name anonymous. No one will know we work together if you don’t say anything.

❤️ Why do I need to set my account to public mode?

Because we are not officially following you on Instagram, we need you to open your account so the general public can see your posts and respond to the photos and videos. If you do not set your account to public mode, we cannot post what you have paid for.

❤️ What do your random comments look like?

Our random replies look completely natural, and that’s the most important thing. They are either neutral or positive and can come in emojis or short and clear replies in English.

❤️ Is it safe to buy Instagram comments?

Yes. Buying activity from a reliable service provider is completely safe. The entire process is secure and simple, and you can complete it within seconds.

❤️ Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can get a refund in certain cases:

  • If the delivery of bought comments didn’t start within 10 days from purchase.
  • The items you’ve ordered don’t match the description.

❤️ What if I need to buy an automatic version?

If you don’t want to order comments for each new post manually, there’s a simple solution. We offer automatic packages. If you get such a package, the comments will be instantly added to your new posts. This type of service comes with an affordable monthly price.

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