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10 Custom Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours
  • High Quality
  • Relevant & Personalized
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • No Password Required

$4.12  $5.27


20 Custom Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours
  • High Quality
  • Relevant & Personalized
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$8.12  $10.39


25 Custom Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours
  • High Quality
  • Relevant & Personalized
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$10.12  $12.95

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30 Custom Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours
  • High Quality
  • Relevant & Personalized
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • No Password Required

$12.12  $15.51


50 Custom Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours
  • High Quality
  • Relevant & Personalized
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • No Password Required

$20.12  $25.75


75 Custom Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-12 Hours
  • High Quality
  • Relevant & Personalized
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • No Password Required

$30.12  $38.55


100 Custom Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-24 Hours
  • High Quality
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  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • No Password Required

$40.12  $51.35


250 Custom Comments

  • Delivery Time: 1-24 hours
  • High Quality
  • Relevant & Personalized
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • No Password Required

$100.12  $128.15

30 Days Money Back Guarantee Notron Secured

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If you work hard to create great content for your profile but find that people aren’t engaging with your posts, consider buying Instagram comments. Purchasing Instagram comments from real users is a great way to kickstart worldwide engagement on your content. When you buy custom comments on Instagram, you can tailor the social signals to your specific business needs. By doing this, your ideal image is modeled for your IG followers. Instagram comments custom packages with instant delivery start are easy to bring your profile to the next level, attracting new accounts to become your fans.

Does It Highly Matter to Buy Custom Instagram Comments?

When your followers comment on your content, your posts get more visibility and attention from other platform accounts. As you build your social media marketing plan, making content that encourages people to engage by liking, commenting on your Instagram post, or following you is important.

When you buy cheap custom Instagram comments, you ensure that the post you’ve taken the time to create gets the right kind of engagement from genuine profiles. Potential customers look at the number of followers, likes, and comments to determine your deal’s credibility. This social proof allows people to see that you are a trustworthy brand. Because it’s essential to have lots of worldwide social signals on your posts, you want to ensure that the comments from other accounts are high quality.

Is It Better to Buy Custom IG Replies or Random: What’s the Difference?

When you purchase random replies from real Instagram users, you do not have full control over the meaning of the posts. When you order custom service, you ensure that high-quality reviews and thoughts will be added to the Instagram post. While random Instagram comments from genuine accounts can be helpful for increasing visibility and kickstarting engagement, a custom replies service allows you to create a personalized, high-quality online presence on IG account, following your customer needs.

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Custom Instagram Comments

Here are the top 4 reasons we believe we are the best website for purchasing services like this:

It boosts traffic to your profile

When your Instagram post has more replies, it becomes more visible to other users. When your Instagram account has a lot of attention, people can find your post on the Explore tab of Instagram. With personalized comments, you can ensure that your posts’ thoughts are the opinion you want the audience to see.

It makes your post more interesting

While having a large number of high-quality comments from real accounts is helpful for boosting your image, having high-quality replies can improve your post engagement.

It allows you more creativity and flexibility

If you want to have full control over the content, you should opt for a custom service.

ViralGrowing takes your security seriously

We strive to offer the best service possible without compromising the security of your page. Our proposals will never require you to name your password.

How the Decision to Buy Instagram Comments Can Influence Your Online Presence

When you buy custom Instagram comments from real users, you can help your following and increase the number of profiles interested in your content. Here are a couple of the ways they can help your online presence:

  • Reach. You will reach a worldwide audience. Instagram’s algorithms give a higher ranking to content receiving both likes and comments. When your posts become more visible, more customers will interact with your business.
  • Quality. When you choose personalized services, you ensure quality engagement on your Instagram posts. While all signals work to make a promotion of your social media reach, quality improvement helps you build relationships with your Instagram followers, making them comment your publications more often.

It is quick and easy for each customer to purchase services from ViralGrowing. We accept many payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, and cryptocurrencies. Once your payment has been processed, your order will be delivered to your post within 12-24 hours, depending on which package you’ve purchased. With our instant delivery, start building your personal profile immediately. 

When you order relevant comments, you improve your presence. Here are a few ways they can promote your Instagram page:

  • Visibility. When more people see your post, more profiles are involved in what you have to offer. The increased online presence will lead to building brand awareness. People will begin to recognize you when your posts show up in their feed.
  • Trust. Users feel empowered to do the same when they see others engage with your content. You will build trust with other potential customers if you have high and quality engagement. People buy from businesses they know, like, and trust, making trust-building an important part of social media presence.

Do You Need Our Services?

Do you still need to decide whether or not you need our service? You should give it a try if:

  • You need to get more social signals on your posts. We can ensure customers get the desired engagement on their posts with fast delivery and quality service. Because you decide the content of the custom comments, your order will always be exactly as you want it.
  • You’re worried about your account’s security. When you purchase a custom comments service, you may be concerned about safety. With our customer-oriented service, your information is safe. Because we deliver social signals from real users, your account will not be banned for violating the terms of service.

Why Choose Real Instagram Comments Over Other Social Media Marketing Methods?

Likes, followers, and other engagements are important when growing your account. However, if you have to choose just one, we recommend comments.

First, comments are more impactful. Many people can like a post. However, comments require more effort and show that you have an engaged audience.

Second, it can show that you interact with your audience. You can reply to the comments or like them to show that you are listening. This will show that you are engaging and friendly with your audience.

Third, Instagram custom comments can help your potential audience learn more about your product, or give some testimonials. This is essential whenever you wish to give people social proof.

Finally, custom Instagram comments can be relevant to your post. They are much different from random comments this way.

The Role of Comments in Instagram Marketing for Your Business or Brand?

Comments are helpful for your business or brand in several ways.

  • Asks questions. You can have commenters ask questions about your product, and then you can answer them.
  • Provides testimonials. Comments can serve as testimonials to people who may be on the fence about your product.
  • Create FOMO. If many people seem interested in your products or services, a person may wish to buy your product ASAP.
  • Feedback. Comments can serve as feedback for any brand. If someone has criticisms or suggestions, you can listen to them and then adjust your product accordingly.

The Risks of Buying Fake Comments

Many services may promise you fake comments for cheap. Here are some reasons you should avoid them.


Fake comments can be noticeably fake. They may have similar writing styles or say nothing substantive about your product. Someone may see this as a sign of the brand being weak, and then not wish to support the brand.

Can Hurt Your Reputation

If people notice that the comments are fake, then it can hurt the public perception of your business. Your business may be seen as weak as a result.

Instagram Will Notice

Perhaps the biggest reason of all as to why you should not try to buy fake comments is that Instagram will notice that you are doing so, and then penalize your account. In the best-case-scenario, they may remove the fake commenters. However, they may also penalize your account, destroy your reach, or outright ban you. This risk you don’t want to take.

Trust Us

We have engagements that look like organic comments. When you buy comments from us, you are buying more comments for your profile that look real and can help to improve your reputation. When they look like verified Instagram comments, more people will trust what you have to say and see the comments as social proof.

Why You Should Choose ViralGrowing for Custom IG Comments

At ViralGrowing, we are a team of experts in social media marketing committed to enhancing your Instagram journey. Since 2018, we have empowered individuals and businesses to еnhancе their profiles through advanced network marketing strategies.

Custom Solution: Our customized comments offer a personalized touch to your posts. Boost your post engagement and improve your ranking with perfectly aligned custom comments.

High Retention Rate: We pridе ourselves on providing high-quality engagements with a retention rate of at least 80%, outperforming our competitors. Be sure your comments will have a lasting impact and continuously add value to your posts.

Wide Selection of Packages: Understanding diverse needs, we design various packages to suit different marketing objectives and budgеts.

Customer Satisfaction: We continually enhance the customer experience by purchasing comments, adding new payment methods, and creating multi-language site versions. We provide the best quality services by collaborating only with reliable partners.

Our services will enhance your reputation and credibility among your audience, whether you’re a business еntity, public figure, or influential opinion leader.

Our Advantages

Secure and Private Experience

With ViralGrowing, your personal information remains untouched. If you want to buy comments, we only need your username to work our algorithmic magic, ensuring a safe and secure process.

Friendly Support Team

Our team is ready to assist with your order and answer any questions, making your journey on social media platforms smooth and hasslе-free.

Effortless Order Process

Fast & Simplе Ordering is what we promise. In just 45 seconds, your order for custom Instagram comments packages is set, starting your journey toward meaningful engagement.

High-Quality Users

Quality Instagram users are the backbonе of our service. Every profile is meticulously managed, ensuring you interact with real people and receive authentic, more organic comments.

Guarantee Offers

Guarantee Offers

We stand by the quality of our services, ensuring each Instagram service package is backed for 30 days, aligning with the Instagram algorithm.

For More Information Please Read the FAQ

Custom Comments Q&A

📌 Is my account safe when I buy Instagram custom comments from you?

Yes. Your page is safe when you use our services because we don’t need your password to complete your order. All we need is your Instagram username, the desired content of your comments, and payment. As long as your profile is set to public, we can deliver the package you chose in full. You can choose any needed number of social signals per post from our list.

📌 Will purchasing this service get my profile banned?

No. Your order will not get your profile banned because our service uses real accounts to provide customized comments or reviews on your Instagram posts.

📌 Does this service allow me to control what is said?

Yes, with a few exceptions. Your draft cannot include the symbol “@” using to tag someone. We may also reject messages with offensive language. Thus, remember a simple rule – custom comments, including mentions (@) and hashtags (#), negative comments, and duplicate comments are not accepted.

📌 I want to use emojis in my draft. Is this allowed?

Emojis are allowed to be used. But no hashtags or mentions.

📌 Should I change my settings to public to receive my customer order?

Yes. If your Instagram profile is set to private, we cannot deliver your order.

📌 How long does it take for custom comments from genuine accounts to show up on my posts?

Your order may take 12-24 hours to deliver, depending on the package you select.

📌 What do the accounts that will be commenting on my posts look like?

The accounts commenting on your posts are real worldwide IG users. They have profile photos, and their feeds feature multiple posts. This is our unique way of adding authenticity to your Instagram engagement.

📌 Will anyone know that I bought comments?

No, nobody will know you purchased Instagram comments. The replies are made by real accounts, which helps maintain an organic interaction. Also, we make sure the process is discreet.

📌 Is it possible to leave a custom comment in foreign languages?

Yes, you can leave custom replies in foreign languages using our Instagram comment service.

📌 Can I get a refund?

A refund is possible in specific circumstances, such as if the delivery of the service doesn’t start within 10 days after ordering, or if the delivered service doesn’t match the description provided.

📌 Can I lose bought interactions?

It’s rare to lose your paid Instagram likes, saves, or followers. However, if you lose any paid interactions or fans within 30 days, we offer a refill guarantee.

📌 Does buying custom comments guarantee success on Instagram?

Buying comments is an effective way to enhance your reach and gain more engagement to your Instagram content.

📌 Can I Control What is Said in These Comments?

Yes! The point of custom comments on Instagram is that you get to write your own comments. Meanwhile, random comments do not allow you to control what is said. If you need more Instagram comments that are insightful, go with custom.

📌 What Information is Required to Make an Order?

Several things are required. We need an email, link to your post, and what you want the comments to say. We will also need a payment method.

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