How to Promote an Event on Instagram

How to Promote an Event on Instagram

Bradley Henris

Updated 27.11.2023

How to Promote an Event on Instagram

If you’re literally cracking your head to find how to promote an event on Instagram, you’re in the right place! IG is one of the most visited social media platforms, with over 1 B monthly users. It’s no surprise, given its visual-heavy content and strong visibility rates, that promoting on the platform can be extremely effective.

However, you still need to do certain things to prepare before you start sharing promotional photographs and videos. We’ll provide you with an overview of successful techniques, as well as our best ways, ideas, and strategies for successfully promoting your content on the platform.

Instagram for Event Promos

Why Instagram is a Perfect Platform for Event Promos?

While planning an event can be difficult, promoting it does not have to be. There are numerous platforms and channels available today for reaching out to potential guests. Without any doubts, Instagram is the most efficient channel of promotion.

Instagram, when used properly, may help you reach a big number of individuals who may be interested in your gathering. But what makes it so powerful?

It creates needed hype

Instagram can help you break the social media silence if you’re arranging a social media-driven event. Billions of users are sharing photos and commenting on others’ posts with zeal.

Your marketing efforts could get lost in the shuffle on this enormous platform, but you can avoid that by cultivating your social presence and convincing your attendees that your gathering is worth talking about.

It helps to attract your target audience

Who are you planning for? Understanding who your target audience is will help you plan the right time and day, as well as determine how many gatherings you need to hold to meet demand.

Instagram events made specifically for Mom influencers may necessitate different strategies than those aimed at a college student, for example. Attendees at a Mom gathering will differ from a college student one, and the conversation surrounding your event will differ as well.

As a result, preparing everything based on who your target audience is can help you ensure that the proper people show up and that no one who would be interested in attending is left out.

It measures pre- and post-event performance

What was the reaction to your event before and after it went live? Have you achieved your objective? Did you get anything out of it? It all can be obtained from your social media presence. Knowing this will assist you in determining the efficacy of your marketing strategies.

You will also detect some trends in sales or discover other ways to assess the performance of your events, such as participant comments or reviews. All information about your performance should be factored into your planning.

It gives you social proof

If you have a popular Insta page with lots of followers (or even fans), your event will get what most influencers dream about – social proof. It means that people who see your marketing post will consider it really worthy of attending. So do not skip creating a promo campaign on IG, it will really win you some new participants.

How Exactly Can I Promote My Wvent on Insta?

In order to ensure that your Instagram event will be attended, you need to take certain steps. Don’t worry, just follow all the rules we have collected for you, and you will succeed.

Step 1. Create a social media plan

Effective social media marketing for your event will necessitate meticulous planning. You must establish a social media presence for your gathering before you begin marketing it.

You should budget for promotion on the social media sites that your target audience uses. This includes uploading original content to Instagram, publishing photos and videos to Facebook, and tweeting.

Consider what type of material is ideal for your audience when building your social media strategy. Original images of events pique the interest of all audiences, and if your gathering is unusual, it will ignite the interest of even more people.

Step 2. Work on your visuals

You will really need to spend time developing visuals for your promotional posts. In this case, the story-telling approach is your best friend. Story-telling visuals incorporate hashtags, emojis, accents, and other subtle indicators to help people know what’s happening in the scene.

In order to create story-telling visuals for your event posts, you’ll need to:

  • Determine the type of event you’ll be holding or supporting.
  • Choose a hashtag that fits the type of gathering you’re hosting. It should be unique.
  • To make your photographs more appealing, use Instagram’s built-in story-telling functions.
  • To help emphasize the story-telling components of your post, use filters and modifications.
  • Use a successful Instagram event post example to get inspired.

Step 3. Make sure you include the most important information

The date, time, and place must be all included. People are curious as to when and where your gathering will take place. If you don’t provide this information, they will not be aware of the vital details about your gathering and therefore, cannot participate. So, photos of event details, such as when and how to register, what to bring, and how to participate, should be posted as well.

Step 4. Choose the right time for posting

When you’re planning to post anything concerning your promotion, choose a time that suits your industry. Within a week of your event, you want to get as many likes as possible, as this is when the majority of people will find out about it.

It is suggested that you publish 2-3 times every day. The more times you post, the more people will be aware of your gathering. However, do not spam too much; otherwise, your audience may lose interest if they are given too many details.

Step 5. Post!

Let your target audience know about the event once you’ve arranged it, posted about it, and reached out to them! As we already mentioned, Instagram is a fantastic tool for promoting, so do not ignore this opportunity. You can publish links to your stand, the location, and even scheduled topics for those who sign up.

Step 6. Don’t forget about Instagram Stories

Instagram has developed a useful tool that allows you to add photographs to a storyboard. This is useful for developing visually appealing material that complements the Instagram design. This function can also be used to swiftly share an event with your followers.

After all, people simply enjoy watching stories, thus it will work out well.

Step 7. Be present on IG during the event

And take a lot of pictures! When your event is taking place, it’s a good idea to be present on IG. In this case, Instagram Live will help you greatly. That’s because you can’t re-promote the same event; once you hit the Start button, you will promote anything even more effectively. Don’t miss your chance!

So make sure you’re ready to go live when your gathering starts – this way, anyone who is thinking about attending future gatherings will be able to see it and make the right decision.

Step 8. Do not skip posting after the event

Create a “what if” post to see how your event would appear if you reached out to the right people. This post gives visitors a better idea of what your event would be like if they visited it, and it can even inspire them to come to your location next time.

After you’ve made a few postings, include a link to some further information. This will enable people to learn more and, hopefully, this data will persuade them to attend the next gathering!

Top tips for successful event promotion on Instagram

You’ll need to learn about various ideas and techniques if you want to properly promote your event. Follow these guidelines to design a promotional campaign that will attract thousands of people!

Create eye-catching and intriguing content

You need to talk about it in an enticing way, whether it’s a product promotion, fashion, or charity event. Yes, this social media platform is a terrific tool to reach out to your audience; however, it is extremely difficult to amaze users with the quality of material they consume these days. Make sure your postings stand out in terms of both visual and factual elements.

Support your posts with hashtags

This is a fantastic approach to reaching a large number of people with your message. Simply start your post with the hashtag #MyEvent, and a simple look-up tool will appear as you type. This way, people can find out about your event much faster and easier.

  • Test out different hashtags. Some hashtags will be better for SEO than others.
  • Don’t choose just one hashtag – several popular tags will work out great.

Work with influencers

Influential personalities and businesses, not just Instagram users. You’ll need your guests to share the news with their friends and family members if you’re hosting anything. But how do you convince your visitors to participate? How do you make sure they’re enthusiastic about your event and want to share it with others?

Working with influencers is the greatest method to accomplish this. Not only to promote your event but also to pique your guests’ interest and encourage them to participate.

Take advantage of Instagram paid advertising

You want people to know about your event, and you’re ready to pay for it. Running an Instagram ad is a terrific method to get your message through, whether you’re organizing a marketing strategy or a thematic gathering. When you run an Instagram ad, you’re exposing your business to new audiences and increasing your chances of gaining new followers.

Show your followers some behind-the-scenes of your event

Specifically, how you prepared for it, what you like about it, and how it came to be. Then, as the due date approaches, inform them of the unique offerings you are providing. This strategy will work because people enjoy being a part of something huge and important.

Think about future promotions

This means that SEO-driven material like videos, photographs, and articles will organically rise in ranks and be more visible. Because nowadays, it’s difficult to picture a modern business without social media.

Today, any company, brand, or entrepreneur will have at least some social media presence. Social media is an important aspect of most business efforts, whether you’re selling directly to customers (B2C) or to other businesses (B2B).

As a result, even if consumers don’t attend your event, they will be aware of your brand. And they’ll be exposed to your brand’s name while they’re there.

Don’t forget to post after

Why? Not only to reflect on and share your experience but also to encourage others to join in the future. It’s also the only method to retain the people who came because of your effective Instagram event promotion.

After your event, be sure to provide images of the theaters, restaurants, and other venues where it took place so that people will be able to find out where it was held. Besides, if you enjoyed this place, you may be able to recommend it to your audience.

Finally, IG highlights should be scheduled for 2-3 days afterward to encourage people to revisit your event. It will assist you in selling your brand in the short term and will provide suggestions for future related content.

Run a giveaway to promote your event

It’s simple – people love getting free things or services, and you can take advantage of this fact. Hosting a contest before your event will help to draw much-needed attention.

For example, you can give 2 tickets to those who fulfill your conditions. The best condition in this case will be to share an Instagram event post and leave a comment. This way, you will enjoy increased engagement, and winners will enjoy participating in your gathering for free.


You almost certainly already use Instagram to share photos of your children and cat. So, why don’t you start posting pictures from your event on social media? When you do, you’ll see that the outcomes are even better than you might expect.

In today’s world, social media is the most effective marketer. So don’t overthink it! Since you know how to create an event on Instagram, simply use our helpful guide to figure out what works best for you.

Bradley Henris

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