TOP 10 Apps for Buying Instagram Followers

TOP 10 Apps for Buying Instagram Followers

Bradley Henris

Updated 29.01.2021

TOP 10 Apps for Buying Instagram followers

Instagram social media recorded over one billion users, and the number is bound to go up this year, and in the coming years. This means you would have to compete with millions of individuals, businesses, and organizations doing the same thing as you.

Instagram social media
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The Instagram algorithm respects numbers, and so does every other user on the platform. The more followers you garner is, the more influence you would have, and the more you will reach an increased number of people and get yourself and your brand out there. But how do you survive and gain visibility and influence on a platform of over one billion users? The answer is usually “get more real Instagram followers organically” that can happen in two ways:

  • you can either grow your followers from scratch and wait for many years to get enviable numbers,
  • or you simply use apps that would do the work for you in no time.

Instagram followers’ apps have gained influence over the years as Instagram users have found them to be a faster, safer, and more effective way to walk their way to the top on Instagram, which in turn, has made them influential, gave them a wider range of visibility, increased their sales, and ultimately earned them more money.

In this article, we will be enlightening you on the 10 best apps you can use to buy Instagram followers, as well as tips to help you use any of the listed Instagram followers’ app effectively. Let’s get right into best sites to buy real followers for your Instagram account.

Why are Instagram followers so important on the social media?

On Instagram, the number of followers you have is like an ID that indicates if you are someone worth doing business with, building a relationship with, or engaging with. It’s proof of your influence, status, and authority, and it’s the yardstick people use to decide if you are worth their time, engagement, and money.

Acquiring many real Instagram followers is your key to getting endorsements, collaborations, and partnerships from people and brands you have always hoped to work with. This is because brands believe that by acquiring a large number of followers, you would be able to get their products or services among a wide range of people, which would boost their sales on both the Instagram account and other social media platforms.

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As a business owner, obtaining best Instagram followers and likes is how you reach a wider range of potential customers and make them buy from you. However, to get a high Instagram growth from every beginning needs time and effort, which is why you have a faster and easier way to get more followers, using the best sites to buy quality Instagram followers. Yet, it is not enough to use the Instagram followers’ app to grow your follower count; it is necessary for you to buy from trusted sources that would give you genuine Instagram growth of followers, which would help grow your page organically and not through “bot” followers, which are fake, non-existent accounts that would add no value to your online presence.

Below are the Instagram top 10 apps, where you can get Instagram followers’ service that guarantee to provide you with high-quality followers to boost your Instagram page for maximum results.


ViralGrowing website
ViralGrowing website

ViralGrowing is one of the best places to buy genuine followers in the fastest and most reliable way. The unique thing we love about this service provider is its multipurpose function, as you can use it for both personal and professional needs (even every day).

This service has been designed to suit all your demands, which include gaining followers, Instagram likes, and views on your Instagram page. In other words, ViralGrowing is not restricted to helping you with real and genuine followers alone; it supplies you with likes and views, which contributes to growing your page organically to achieve effective results.

Instagram offers from ViralGrowing
Instagram offers from ViralGrowing

ViralGrowing has horned a reputation as a reliable app for helping individuals and brands grow their online presence organically for over seven years. Here you will:

  • find the best payment options,
  • try a free trial,
  • get a possibility to grow your Instagram followers and likes,
  • receive all necessary assistance to expand your target audience,
  • get real and high retention rate of Instagram followers,
  • be offered a money-back guarantee.
Viralgrowing packages
Instagram followers’ offers

InstaGlowing is the app to go to if you want to build a respectable and professional outlook for your brand, over-jumping other Instagram accounts. By acquiring more followers, you would be able to attract more customers, clients, and deals to boost your business and help you grow. Moreover, this service provider will increase your engagement and draw more people to you, which would help you create the influence you need to rank at the top of Instagram’s ladder. All you need to make – give this app a try and see that Instagram is one the best social media platforms to run a business with.

Turbo Followers for Instagram

Turbo Followers for Instagram is a reliable and effective app to acquire real and active users quickly on Instagram. Turbo followers’ app gives you real followers who are genuinely interested in your profile and let you follow other people who share similar interest as you.

The interesting thing about Turbo followers for Instagram is that it has free plans which help you grow your followers on Instagram for free. Through the free plans, you are able to build your online presence organically without having to pay. Paid plans are also available with advanced features so you can increase the number of people you want to reach.

Turbomedia website
Turbomedia website

Turbo followers’ app for Instagram gives you immediate results, so you won’t have to wait for prolonged hours for followers after payment. Once you subscribe to the free or paid plans, you would see your followers increase instantly without further ado.


The Instalnfluencer app is one of the best free Instagram followers’ apps, you can trust genuine followers in no time, especially if you want to get genuine followers without having to follow them back. InstaInfluencer also helps you evaluate the profiles trending on Instagram and provides you with the best hashtag.


Instalnfluencer is pretty easy to use, all you need to do is flip the card, and boom, you gain more followers! You can also watch ads in order to play more time and win more points. The points you’ve won make you qualified to receive the best hashtag to make use of to gain more followers.

The InstaInfluencer app is the app to go to gain real and active followers without having to follow them back. It provides you with the best hashtag to increase your visibility, gives you premium security, and is really easy to use.

Followers Pumper

Followers’ Pumper is an Instagram app for growing your page organically on Instagram. Followers Pumper supplies you with trending hashtags daily to help boost your content.

Followers Pumper
Followers Pumper

By supplying you with trending hashtags, Followers Pumper helps take your content to a wider audience for consumption, which would, in return, increase your followers’ rate. This is because the wider the reach of your content, the more people will see your page and get to notice you, thereby increasing your visibility on Instagram.

We find this a highly effective strategy because it doesn’t just help you gain followers; it also expands the reach of your contents and boosts your engagement so that people who follow you are those who love and enjoy what you offer, thereby helping you build your follower’s growth in the most organic way possible.

Get Followers

Get Followers app is a simple and reliable way to boost your followers’ growth and increase your online presence on Instagram.

Get Followers app works by giving you coins after you download the app, after which you follow specific accounts it has suggested. For every account you follow, you receive extra coins, which technically means the more account you follow, the more extra coins you have.

The extra coins you receive would go into helping you gain more real followers on Instagram who would engage and interact with your page, thereby growing your page organically.

Another thing the Get Followers app helps you with is giving you tips and suggestions on how to grow your page by reaching Instagram users that would be interested in the type of content you share. By doing this, you are able to find people of similar interest as you and grow your page effortlessly and organically.

Combin Growth

The Combin growth is a marketing tool that helps you target your audience, boost your followers, and increase your engagement in an organic way.

The Combin Growth app you can use the Combin Growth app to detect those you followed and aren’t following you back so you can get rid of them and give room for new, active followers.


With this, you are able to ensure that those you are following those who are interested in your page, thereby increasing your engagement rate.

Combin growth app helps you spot ghost followers on your Instagram page. Ghost followers are those followers that do not engage or show interest in your content. By spotting them out, you are able to filter them out and allow people who would actively take an interest in your feed to engage with your content so your page can experience the boost it deserves.

Followers Track for Instagram

The Followers Track for Instagram gives you all the reports you need to monitor your page on Instagram. It helps you track your new followers and those that have unfollowed you and also gives you insights on those engaging with your posts.

Followers Track for Instagram also helps you detect fake followers and inactive followers so you can filter them and attract genuine followers who would be actively interested in your feed.


Followers Track
Followers Track

Social Plus is an Instagram followers app with over ten years of experience. It helps individuals and businesses boost their online presence by growing their Instagram and YouTube pages with genuine and active followers.  SocialPlus focuses on helping you increase your visibility and getting your content across to a wider audience through organic views and followers.

Get Followers Up

Get Followers Up app helps make your profile outstanding with a stylish Instagram profile that attracts more followers and keeps them hooked to your feed. Get Followers Up helps boost your page by garnering likes and followers through a fashionable and cohesive Instagram profile.

With the Get Followers App, you can blur image backgrounds, gain followers, and do lots more.

Helpful Tips While Using Apps to Receive More IG Followers

Knowing the best apps to use to gain genuine Instagram followers is great, but it is equally essential that you know how to make effective use of these apps to achieve the best results. Here are the five most important tips to consider in order to maximize the potential of these apps to the fullest.

  • Watch training videos: Take your time to watch the videos that come with each app carefully so as to guide you through the process.
  • Consistently post on Instagram: It’s true we said these apps would do the work of giving you more followers and increasing your engagement, but they won’t help you post on your feed. It takes an active user to attract other active users. Therefore, ensure you keep your page active by constantly posting on your page.
  • Use automated messages: Maximize the potential of these apps by sending your followers’ automated images to visit your website, blogs, and YouTube channel.
  • Watch your rhythm: As a new user of your Instagram page, you should take a slow and steady approach, starting by gradually recruiting new followers instead of trying to pack them all at once. However, if you already have many followers and you wish to increase their number, then you can gain as many followers as you want at once.
  • Take it one app at a time: Use one follower’s app at a time when trying to buy followers on Instagram in order to avoid complications that might come with using multiple accounts at a time.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram followers

Selling Instagram followers is now a trend as many individuals and businesses have realized the many advantages that come with buying Instagram followers. However, in the midst of the high demand, we should take a pause and ask ourselves this question, which of these is more effective, “buying your followers organically or buying Instagram followers”?

The answer to this question boils down to one cogent question, which is asking yourself the purpose you want a large number of followers to do for you.

Growing your page “organically,” that is, growing followers by yourself from scratch takes more time, which makes it only effective for users who aren’t after making sales, promoting a brand image, or building an online presence quickly.

However, if you want to increase your visibility, reach a wider audience, make more sales, establish authority and influence and build an online presence quickly, then buying genuine followers from trusted sources is for you.

In the end, it all depends on you and the role you want your followers to play.

Below are the Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram followers:


  • Immediate visibility;
  • Build trust and authority in your field in no time;
  • Saves you time and effort;
  • Cost-effective.


  • Buying from untrusted sources can lead to Instagram suspending and blocking your account;


A large following is your key to reaching your peak on Instagram, as it would open many opportunities for you. However, it takes some effort to gain followers on Instagram. You can grow your followers by growing your followers from scratch, which would take you years to build, or you could adopt an easier, faster method, which is buying followers through Instagram followers’ apps.

Using the trusted Instagram apps stated in this article would help boost your visibility, reach a wider audience, boost your engagement and establish you as an authority on the platform when carried out effectively through the tips provided in this article.

Bradley Henris

Written By: Bradley Henris

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